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7 Ways Your Kids can Be Creative this Summer

Long, hot days of summer provide the perfect setting for inspiring your kids to create something new, get interested in a new hobby, or to take the time just to play around with new ideas. Here are 7 easy ways to get this started. 

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Build Strong Relationships with your Kids. 7 things to say that your kids will actually respond to!

It isn’t always easy talking with kids. Sometimes it feels like we’re lecturing too much or praising the wrong way or nagging and nagging. Here are 7 things that make us feel like amazing parents…for the moment anyways! Use them and be amazed. 

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4-Week Fitness Plan: A Guide to Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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7 Tricks to Creating a Relaxing Summer You’ll Love

Stressful summers are no good. Enjoyable, fun summers...ahhh, that's where the magic happens. But with kids out of school, work still calling your name, and high expectations to meet, summer can feel the very opposite of enjoyable.   But, it doesn't have to be that...

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Easy Indoor Plant Tips

  Love the look of indoor plants? Me too. But I just can't seem to keep most of them alive. Apparently my give-water-every-now-and-again plant care system just isn't cutting it. Time to learn the rules. Keeping Indoor Plants Alive I've killed so many plants, it's...