Finding the perfect Halloween costume for couples can be (almost!) as difficult – as deciding on a name for your kid! Here’s a list of couple costumes (updated for 2018) that will keep you right by each other’s side the whole night. Check out #27 for my absolute favorite!! 

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Creative Halloween Costumes for Couples 2018

Creative Halloween Costumes for Couples 2018

1 – Soap and Bubbles

Seriously awesome costume if you still want to look lovely while being part of a themed duo.

2 – Seriously Tacky Vacationers

Really funny and sure to get some genuine laughs.

3 – Box of Nerds

Bring small boxes of nerds to hand out or add to drinks.

4 – Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man

Love this one and haven’t ever seen it before. Perfect for old school gamer couples.


5 – Wine and Cheese

Classic – love the knife that goes with the cheese.

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Who can resist this legendary couple?

7. Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

When you really don’t want to go all out…

8. Bacon and Eggs

Not sure my hubby would wear that bacon around his head like that…

9. Gangster/Flapper/Mob

When you want to go sexy.

10. Garth and Wayne

Yep, I know the picture shows 2 dudes. But you could easily pull this off as a guy/girl thing!


11. Suicide Squad Joker & Harley Quinn

For super hero fans…

12. Sonny & Cher

This one cracks me up…

13. Fred and Wilma Flintstone

Of course people will be screaming – W-I-L-M-A –  all night if you go with this one. Be prepared.


14. Egyptian Couple – women’s & men’s

Nice if your guy has the legs to pull it off.

15. Where’s Waldo? – women’smen’s

So comfy.

unique costumes for couples


16. Pilot Uniforms – women’s & men’s

They sure love those hats, don’t they?

17. Sandy & Danny

The wigs make these costumes.


18. Pirates – women’s & men’s

I suggest that everyone is a pirate at least once in their lifetime.

19. Hippies – women’s & men’s

Love all the fringe…especially on the guy’s vest.


20. Patriotic – women’s & men’s 

You can also pull these out on the 4th of July…not sure how that would go over but the option is there.


21. Little Red Riding Hood & the Wolf

That wolf costume looks comfy and warm.


22. Spartan Cheerleaders from SNL – women’s & men’s 



23. Dalmatian & Firefighter

Or he could be the dalmatian and you could be the firefighter. With a different dalmatian outfit, of course. 🙂


24.Geisha & Samurai

Check out her wig.


25. Ninjas – women’s & men’s

Tough and incognito.


26. Bob Ross & Painting

Hands down, my favorite couple costume! Of course without Bob around, the painting will get some strange looks.


Couples Halloween T-Shirt Costume Ideas

And here’s a handful of couple T-Shirt Costume Ideas for those of you that want to be a good sport but don’t have it in you to get all dressed up.


27 – 80’s Awesomness – women’s & men’s

You could go all out if your guy wanted to just sport the shirt. Just grab lots of hair spray and eyeliner.


28 – Peanut Butter & Jelly Shirts



29 – Jack O’ Lantern Shirts – left & right side



30 – Candy Corns

For some reason I think this is really funny. Two of them would be better.


31 – Smart Jack ‘O Lanterns – left & right

Nerdy and really fun. Shirts look oh so soft.

32 – Prisoners – women’s & men’s

Costume or just a cute shirt. Meh. You decide.


Get crackin’ on those costumes soon so you aren’t running around last minute grabbing whatever is left at the store! Last minute costume leftovers seldom turn out well…


Happy Halloween everyone.

Halloween Couples Costumes