Trying to effectively treat an autoimmune disorder like RA can be a tricky thing. Sometimes the medicines that reduce inflammation are the very medicines that harm your body in other ways. This is why the Paddison Program, a natural alternative to harsh medications, appeals to me as a natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment option. But there’s more to it…

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Paddison Program RA

Why I’m Trying the Paddison Program for my RA

Trying to treat autoimmune disorders naturally

I’m not a rookie when it comes to autoimmune disorders. When I was pregnant for the first time, in 2007, my doctor informed me I had Hashimoto’s. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disorder that attacks your thyroid. The thyroid, I soon learned, is responsible for all sorts of important things such as temperature regulation, metabolism, and energy levels.

The Western way to treat Hashimoto’s is to supplement with synthetic thyroid hormone…and that’s about it. There’s little or no discussion about the fact that Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disorder. The fact that my autoimmune system is out of whack was seldom (if ever) mentioned.

Fast forward many years…once I decided that I wanted to try and fix my autoimmune system I tried to figure out how to do that. I visited a homeopathic doctor, a chiropractor who specializes in functional medicine, a Western doctor who took a natural approach to things, an acupuncturist…lots of doctors, lots of money, lots of time.

Natural Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Options…

It took me many years to finally come to grips with the non-drug options for treating my Hashimoto’s.  Since RA is simply another autoimmune disorder, I don’t feel as though the learning curve is quite as steep or long. I know what natural options lay before me.

  1. Western Doctors – These doctors generally treat RA with medications.
  2. Alternative Practitioners – This would include things such as acupuncture or Chinese Medicine.
  3. Functional Doctors – These doctors are sometimes MD’s, sometimes not. Functional doctors attempt to get to the root of the problem and help heal the system that is broken, not simply treat symptoms. They focus on gut health, diet, lifestyle, and supplements. Underlying infections such as candida or Lyme disease are often addressed as well.

And why I’m not satisfied with these options

My Western doctor is wonderful. I will be the first to say that I LOVE my rheumotologist and I believe that keeping my appointments with her and working with her is integral to my health. That being said, I know what she has to offer me…and more importantly…what she won’t offer me.

She will provide me with guidance on the best medications to take. Medications that oftentimes come with side effects. (Ugh – dry mouth, no hair, high liver counts – who wants that?) Natural options to actually heal my autoimmune system will not be discussed as a logical option for treatment.

Alternative practitioners and paths are very appealing to me but they can be very costly and usually require many treatments over a long time to be effective. Plus, I haven’t found any compelling evidence that an alternative method of treatment has statistically relevant results. Without those results, the time and money these possible solutions require don’t feel justified to me.

As a side note, there are a few practices that do seem to reduce inflammation but those practices are not necessarily strong enough to prevent bone damage.

That leaves me with functional doctors…

The problem with functional doctors

Seeing a functional doctor is my treatment of choice – mainly because it makes sense to me. Since a system is broken – my autoimmune system in this case – then I will try to fix it as best as I can. I know that attempting to fix this system may not work; I may still have to take medications for my RA. But, I want to attempt to correct any glitches in that system.

The problem with functional doctors is twofold – it can be difficult to find one with the credentials you want and oftentimes they charge an arm and a leg. Along with this, many of the testing {blood, urine, etc.} panels are out-of-pocket expenses. And, as you can imagine, healing a body system takes time, which means that the treatment course takes time. A few office visits isn’t going to cut it!

It is precisely because those three options have definite set-backs – time, cost, effectiveness, side-effects – that the Paddison Program looks really fantastic.

Why I’m excited about trying the Paddison Program

The Paddison Program is a program developed by Clint Paddison, a man who manages his RA through this multi-dimensional treatment program. He developed his program after years of suffering, surgeries, and harsh medications. He is a researcher by trade and was able to comb through years and years of research to heal himself.

Although I haven’t started the program yet so I cannot speak to its’ effectiveness but I know enough to be completely on board for giving it a try.

  1. The program has helped an extraordinarily large number of people find relief or reduce their inflammation markers drastically.
  2. The program focuses on healing your body therefore reducing a RA symptoms – a byproduct of an out-of-whack-body
  3. No negative side effects
  4. Information is organized and made-to-follow and more support options are available at a reasonable price
  5. The price point is surprisingly low
  6. The program addresses lifestyle factors that contribute to RA

Along with these compelling reasons to to try the Paddison Program, is another. That reason is that it simply makes sense to me considering everything I’ve read and learned over the years regarding autoimmune conditions. Many  people find relief when they focus on healing their gut – which is one key aspect of Paddison’s program. Both this gut-healing aspect and #2 and #6 are in line with what I believe a functional doctor would offer…without the high price or frequent visits.

My efforts to “heal” my RA are within my control

Ultimately, I cannot control the fact that I have been diagnosed with RA. I may not even be able to prevent the necessity of taking meds to treat it. But, I do feel empowered knowing that there are some things I can control – diet, exercise, gut health, etc. and that the Paddison Program will help me make sense of those things.

I’ll keep you updated on my Paddison Program Journey. Stay tuned…

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