Sometimes, moving forward in life can feel like the most difficult thing in the world – like trying to pull an elephant with a string. This is especially true at certain transition times – after a break-up or divorce, after a serious loss, or after you feel like you’ve tried every thing you know to get things rolling…but nothing has worked. This one simply strategy is easy, fast, and very effective for getting unstuck. Let’s get things moving!

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One Crazy Simple Tip to Get Unstuck

Help! I’m stuck and I can’t move forward

There’s nothing more frustrating than desperately wanting to move forward but being unable to actually do it. It’s frustrating, maddening, and can easily usher in feelings of failure and despair.

Everyone’s been there. Some of us more than others! 😉 One simple search on Google for this topic yields millions of results – there’s a reason for that. Whatever phrase you use for it –

  • Feeling stuck
  • Getting stuck in a rut
  • Being stagnant
  • Being unproductive
  • Not moving forward
  • Not living up to your potential

It is something humans have to deal with.

Or do we?

Nope – you don’t have to stay stuck

Tony Robbins is one of the leading experts on human nature. A self-help guru, he has studied and helped millions of people and his research has helped him decode life situations that leave many of us scratching our heads or crying in despair.

Anytime I listen to him or read one of his books, I’m surprised to hear him suggest simple strategies or provide insight that makes me go…”Oh, yep, that makes so much sense!” And oftentimes when I put his strategies into practice, I’m much happier, productive, and at peace than before.

One of those strategies is brilliant for helping people move forward. It has provided me with clarity and direction and focus – all things that keep me moving in a good direction instead of staying stuck in a yuck place.

The simple strategy to moving forward in life

Here’s how it works.

  1. Remember how powerful your mind is. Your brain is such a powerful and strong ally – or enemy – depending on how you operate it.
  2. Visualize your brain as a huge search engine. Your brain is constantly looking for answers. This is one reason that vision boards and visualizations are powerful: your brain wants to know what to focus its’ energy towards. When you provide your brain with concrete goals or direction, it can simply get to work.
  3. Use your brain to find {the right!} answers. As you go throughout your day, imagine you are typing in questions in your brain search engine. Let’s call it the Broogle (Brain + Google) Search Engine. It works like a computer search engine does – it pulls up answers to the questions you “type in” or think.

The wrong questions keep you stuck and feeling rotten

So, imagine you are thinking about how you lost your job. Here are some questions you may be putting into your Broogle search engine:

  • Why did I get fired?
  • How will I survive?
  • What if I lose my home?
  • Why am I a loser?
  • How could I have let this happen?

Now, imagine what kind of answers you will find:

  • Why did I get fired? – Because they laid off the oldest workers and I was one of the oldest. I’m so old!
  • What if I lose my home?  –  That would be horrible and so embarrassing.
  • Why am I a loser? – Because I was born that way and I don’t stay late to work every evening like some people do.
  • How could I have let this happen? – Because I’ve never been a hard worker…remember what my 9th grade math teacher told me?

Those questions not only keep you stuck but they make you feel depressed, anxious, upset, and hopeless.

The right questions move you to take action

Simply changing the questions you ask, or input into your Broogle will give you completely different results…even though the situation is the same! Isn’t that amazing?! By changing your questions, you change how you feel and the actions you take.

Let’s look at the same situation – losing your job – and ask better questions:

  • What steps can I take today to reduce my anxiety?
  • What marketable skills do I have to offer the world?
  • Who should I contact to help me find a great job?
  • How can I learn from this experience?

Now, let’s imagine the answers:

  • What steps can I take today to reduce my anxiety? – I can find a part time job and adjust my budget.
  • What marketable skills do I have to offer the world? – I have 20 years of coding and programming experience.
  • Who should I contact to help me find a great job? – It would make sense to access my LinkedIn network and the recruiter I used last year.
  • How can I learn from this experience?  – I knew the company might move in this direction. In hindsight I could have started looking earlier. Next time, I will be more prepared.

These questions provide you with actionable steps that keep you moving in the right direction which lead to feelings of hope, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Get Unstuck

Consistently ask the right questions = consistently move forward

This strategy is simple but it does take some practice to make it a habit. Once this is a habit, you will consistently be on track going in a healthy direction. Before it becomes a habit, stay mindful of this strategy and remind yourself to use it. Like any habit, it takes time before it becomes second nature.

Remember to use your Broogle wisely and it will work wonders for you.


It takes time to build a new habit but asking yourself the right questions consistently is a habit worth working on. It has honestly made a ginormous difference in my life!

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